Forward is a team of professionals

Some of us were among the first to master the transportation of goods in the post-Soviet space. We are ready to share with you our long-term experience.

Continuous improvement of business processes

We are interested in investing in talented employees. So you will work with young, energetic and creative professionals - best in logistics.

Partner network available worldwide

We have more than 350 partners and agents worldwide. Company resources allow work without risk for customers and partners.

Best rates from co-executors

Large volumes of traffic give us the opportunity to get best rates on the market. That is why our portfolio of more than 1500 satisfied customers worldwide.


Our principles

Attention to every customer
We do not have VIP Customers! Every customer is important to us and is respected by us. We attach special value to relations with those customers who see us as their strategic business partners.
Making a clear commitment
When coordinating the order with the customers and suppliers, our specialists strive to reflect all the terms in the contract as clearly as possible.
Customer’s success is our main goal
Proximity to our customers allows us to develop flexible solutions, ensuring the peace of mind of all stakeholders.
Safe and on time
Whatever you need, we can get it anywhere, safe and on time.